Parcel pick-up

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At Reading central post office parcel pick-up office the staff have improvised a helpful variety of signs to ensure parcel picker-uppers understand what is expected of them.   I skim-read all of the signs looking for the words ‘camera’ and ‘photograph’.   None of them said ‘no photography’.   Phew.   After rummaging for a good five minutes in all my pockets just because that is the sort of thing I like to do in public places,    I took this photograph.

The young lad you can see in the royal-mail red uniform t-shirt stopped looking at his computer and came up to the counter when he saw me pull the camera out.   In all the excitement I had not actually looked at what the signs did tell me.    He asked me for my identification.    I did not have my identification ready,   with perhaps the exception of my fingerprints which are always available.   He sighed heavily as I searched through my pockets to pull out my shiny new pink, yes PINK, UK drivers license.    These are the signs that I later read:

  • do not use your mobile phone while waiting to be served.   Thankyou.
  • please have your identificiation ready.
  • do not use your mobile phone while waiting to be served. Thankyou.
  • please have your identification ready.
  • no smoking.
  • please have your identification ready.

Three signs with the same message,   the message that I didn’t read.   I guess a lot of people don’t read this message and the staff possibly hope that putting up another sign will solve the problem of everyone waiting while the person at the front of the line searches for their ID.   Like I did.  

Incase there is any confusion amongst my regular and irregualr readers I’d like to clarify that apart from picking-up the occassional parcel I’m still single.

Parcel pick-up
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3 bits of lovely banter on “Parcel pick-up”

  1. A F Harrold writes:

    It should be noted that the chaps behind that counter sigh heavily even if you do have you identification (just a bank card with your name is quite enough) – they simply sigh a lot, seeming to hate their lives, or at least the bits that are made awkward and ungainly by the arrival of people who coulnd’t be bothered to be in when a perfectly reasonable parcel or slightly larger than your letterbox letter was trying to be delivered.




  2. Scaryduck writes:

    I used to have a business PO Box through that office.

    Never, in my life, have I seen such downtrodden workers. Not even in my local KFC.

    If there’s going to be a revolution, it’ll start at Reading Post Office. Unfortunately, the ordr to start said revolution will be lost in the post.



  3. Laura writes:

    You are probably the first customer ever to take a photo in a postal collection room! I find it a gigantic pain to ever have to go there, but since I work all day sometimes it’s a necessity. In my local collection point they never even ask for ID which is a mite worrying



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