signature witness

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Wendy: could you withness my signing this Mortgage information document?

Witness:   Yes,   “The Wendy House’,   where is it?

Wendy:   down by the [local landmark]

Witness:   I used to live in ‘The Wendy house’ [Describes its layout and location in a recognisable way]

Wendy:   What was living there like?

Witness:   Well,   the boiler broke so I have lots of memories of a cold dark unpleasant time,   I’m sure its not like that now.   My partner kept getting confused about the orientation of the house and would walk into the wardrobe when he meant to leave the room to go downstairs.   [mentions some house characteristics that aren’t like the Wendy House]

Wendy:   [highlights this difference and mentions the street name]

Witness: The Wendy House we lived in was on [name] street

More than one Wendy House in the district  how cosey is that!

signature witness
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