3 buses at once

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Waiting in the cold March night air at a crowded bus stop…

Ottowan: I’ve learned so much from you British
Wendy: give an example?
Ottowan: how complaining can be used anywhere, anytime, to entertain complete strangers, like at a bus stop where you’re waiting 30 minutes for buses that are sKeduled to turn up every 8 mins
Wendy: nods, giggles, “look, there are 3 buses coming now” and 3 buses did indeed arrive together

Does this count as a good commute story?

3 buses at once
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2 bits of lovely banter on “3 buses at once”

  1. Sarah writes:

    Schedule: this is one word that is pronounced very distinctly. North American pronunciation ˈske-(ˌ)jül versus British pronunciation ˈshe-(ˌ)dyül.



  2. Sarah's Dad writes:

    How does one choose among three buses? Will two drivers be offended?



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