kebab and proposal

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Kebab Shop Man (KSM):   are you married,   do you have a boyfriend?

Wendy:   No,   never married,   no boyfriend, its a long story…

KSM: I’m not married.   My family are all in Pakistan

Wendy:   You have friends here in Reading?

KSM:   these are my only friends (gestures to the 2 other staff members in the Kebab shop).   I want to get married.   I want an older woman (Looks directly at me)

Wendy:   good luck

kebab and proposal
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3 bits of lovely banter on “kebab and proposal”

  1. Scaryduck writes:

    Get in there! Just think of the free kebabs



  2. Fizzz writes:




  3. :: Wendy :: writes:

    Apart from all the fabolously good reasons for why I’m single, in this particular case there’s the risk of regular food poisioning to be taken into consideration…



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