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Establishment advertising Vodka and food (flickr photoshare)The sign over a Reading downtown establishment says ‘Vodka and Food’,   not ‘Spirits and Sandwiches’   nor ‘Alcohol and Chicken tikka Masala’   not ‘Food and Vodka’,   nor ‘Lunch and Liquor’.   I wonder who their audience is?   I’ve heard about Chav’s’ since returning to Britian,   do Chav’s favour Vodka?

What does he CCTV camera directed at the entrance tell me?   Probably not much since CCTV cameras are almost ubiquitous in UK town centres,   apparantly in 2006 there was one camera for every 14 people,   but maybe it says something that I can’t hear…


vodka & food
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3 bits of lovely banter on “vodka & food”

  1. Stephen king writes:

    prior to vodka & food this building formed part of a in-door market place called ‘Traders@
    my friend ran a ‘delicatessen’ there and I use to help in my spare time. The management ran a restrictive pratice policy and as such you could not offer a service that was already been offered by a encumbant stall holder.
    In this case the reheating of food or pre made sandwiches. My friends skill and unique selling point was to offer hot queich stright from the oven or sell you a peice of french stick, a pat of butter
    and a slice of cold meat or chease. Your own D.I.Y sandwich. needless to say she had a better turnover that the stall next door.
    How times have changed. Vidka & food indead.



  2. Dr Tim writes:

    Please get you’re apostrophe’s under control!

    Unless of course it was ironic and you were spelling Chav’s in the manner that Chav’s would themselves!



  3. mary writes:

    Vodka & food . . have I died and gone to heaven?



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