Obey the person running the pub quiz,   no matter how enbriated they are,   how imprecise their questions are,   how innacurate their answers are.   By all means heckle and lobby them,   but remember its just a pub quiz not a defining statement on your intellect.  

This BBC article describes the cultural experience of pub quizzes in a slightly mythicalised manner,   it  quotes a quiz attendee as saying:

 I took two American friends to a quiz once and they thought it was some sort of registered insanity, they just didn’t get it at all

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3 bits of lovely banter on “Obey”

  1. JenK writes:

    Here in Redmond, Three Lions Pub* has started doing regular pub trivia nights. I think Celtic Bayou is too.

    *Owned by the folks who own British Pantry & Neville’s.



  2. Mark writes:

    I think you meant “inebriated”, but that might just be bait for the spelling police. Ha!
    Seems like a lot of English-style pubs around here do quiz nights – Wilde Rover is another one in addition to the ones JenK mentioned.



  3. poochner writes:

    Could someone explain how pub trivia nights differ from American bar trivia? Other than being a little calmer 🙂 they seem the same.



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