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A Reading friend of London extraction recently took  a vacation in the wild west of  the English Riveria.   She was pleased to discover that all modern conveniences are available in Paignton.    No longer do people on the English Riviera  have to share their teeth with ancesters, neighbours, or complete strangers.    

No more waiting for a person to finnish using their teeth before you can enjoy a crunchy-nut peanut butter sandwich.  You can hear my friends excitement:

New Dentures??!!  – as oppose to??!! Used dentures, one careful lady owner??!!   Priceless!

all modern conveniences
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  1. Stephen king writes:

    now here’s a subject to sink one’s teath into!
    it is not uncommon in my line of work to visit an older peoples establishment and hear. Mrs ‘X’ has lost her ‘plate’ or Mr ‘B’ was found waring waring the wrong ‘set’.

    Does this local service offer new 4 old? and are they cheeper than the Crown I folked out on last week?



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