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The opening and closing phrases used in emails that I receive* from English people  are noticably different from those I receive from US people.    Opener-closer pairings  tend to be  more thematic than systematic:

Most common 2 UK Openers:

  • Dear Wendy  
  • Hi Wendy
  • Other openers: ‘Thank you‘    ‘Heya‘Hello   (Wendy, Love, Angel, Darling etc)‘   ‘Indeed’   ‘Oh my!’   ‘take this quiz its great!’**   ‘Oh cripes yes!’  

Most common 2 UK Closers:

  • Kind Regards (name on new line)
  • Best Wishes,   (name on new line)
  • Other closers:  ‘Love’     ‘Cheers’‘   ‘Sincerely‘ Thank you’    

Most common 2 US Openers

  • Hi Wendy
  • Hey
  • Other US openers: ‘Hello’   ‘Thank you’    ‘your question has been received’  ‘that time again’   ‘thematic and diverting’

Most common 2 US Closers

  • Thanks
  • [authors name]
  • Other US closers: ‘Sincerely’     ‘                   [name]’   ‘Must go!”   ‘Thank you’   ‘Thanks’   ‘thematic and diverting’

* The data leading to this  conclusion was drawn by unsystematically reviewing the contents on my work and personal email inboxes for  May 2008 living in the UK and  October 2006 when I lived in the US.    The senders assumed-location or citizenship was used  to assign  UK or US practice.     By far the most common emails I receive come from friends and family with no standard opener or closer, they are written as-if with-in an ongoing conversation and are  excluded from the analysis.   In no way can my inbox contents be considered representative of National or International trends.  

** My nieces do like eveyone to join in  a good Quiz

openings and closings
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4 bits of lovely banter on “openings and closings”

  1. Scaryduck writes:

    I never use an opening greeting or a closing sign-off to emails.

    I assume that the reader knows it’s for them, and they can read who it’s from in the address field.

    Also, this gives the recipient the chance to make up a greeting for themselves

    Is it “Dear Wendy”, “Wendy”, or “I bow down in from of you, insanely charming and talented Ms House”?

    Who can tell?



  2. Scaryduck writes:

    from = front, becoause I cannot spell.



  3. Stephen king writes:

    If we’re taliking ‘Queen’s English’ then letters start ‘Dear sir, madam or name.
    They end ‘Yours sincerely or Faithfully.

    Thank you,

    Yours sincerely




  4. Mrs Pouncer writes:

    I never use openers in emails, but always – or nearly always – closers. My fave rave is Cordially yours. Don’t really know why. When I’m writing to a stranger (Dear Sir or Madam) it’s always Yours faithfully. When it’s someone whose name you know, it should be yours sincerely or yours truly. Cordially yours, Mrs P



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