feet and sugar beet

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Recently,   while much of the UK  was panic stocking on petrol,   in  Reading pedestrians were riding Bio-ethanol fuelled buses on route 17.    In Sept 2006 Stagecoach single-decker buses were  trialled in Merseyside, Yorkshire, Tyne and Wear, and Greater Manchester.    Stagecoach introduced 8 singledecker buses in Kilmarnock running on cooking oil.   Apparanly nearby residents got discounted travel rights in return for donating cooking oil.

According to the BBC,   who are terribly credible,   Reading is the first area in Britain to supply  a BIG fleet of 14  bio-fuelled buses.   The first doubledecker bus trialled in Reading in October 2007,   was called ‘Ethel’,   as were 2 of my mumzies aunties.   Get Reading reports:

Reading Transport Ltd chief executive James Freeman watched the company’s newest and greenest bus roll in.   He said: “People in Reading are very environmentally-conscious, so now they can be sure when they choose to travel by bus they are making a green choice.

 Hurrah for conscientious, progressive,   Reading public transport services.   Route 17 is one of my absolutely favourite bus routes,   it carries over 6 million passengers per year.   That is LOTS.

feet and sugar beet
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3 bits of lovely banter on “feet and sugar beet”

  1. Stephen king writes:

    I like the 17 bus route too. I can get fron West to East Reading in one trip.
    I could also drop off at the Wendy House for a cup of ‘tea’ if invited.
    Now is she East or West?
    For £3 I could get a one day bus-about ticket and travel not only across Reading but Around it as well. Now there’s a cheep day out!



  2. Mrs Pouncer writes:

    Dear Miss Wendy, that you are fond of Reading is indisputable, but do you not feel that you are sometimes blinded to its blights? Why not revive yourself with a day at Ascot (last day tomorrow, alas) or Henley next month for the Regatta? Have you launched yourself into the Season yet? Jackson Freres could kit you out in a trice. Cordially etc, Mrs P



  3. :: Wendy :: writes:

    Dear Mrs. P.

    There are hordes of people more than willing to publish details of the seedier side of Reading. I will certainly consider revealing any sub-par experiences that I may encounter as a helpful warning to any unsuspecting tourist.

    Ascot Races? Henley Regatta? If I can get there by public transport, there’s a high risk I ill turn up wearing a little something from Jacksons. I have not yet spent a summer residing so close to London, or engaged in a Season. I will follow your blog as an educational exercise in the right things to do and places to go.

    Best wishes etcetera



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