excitedness level raised to: Red

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Red excitedness characteristics:

  • falling over.   Think or how the USS enterprise wobbles and throws the crew from side to side when attacked by the klingons or travelling through an asteroid belt.
  • dribbling.   Pouring tea becomes particularly tricky leaving drips all over the place.
  • Perpetual waffling. A striking lack of precision in speach and writing rather like rambing only not in the countryside but in words and really not worthy of reading. Editor skills are desperately needed during a red alert to head-off the waffle effect.
  • tears before bedtime.  Over spilt tea,   bruised knees, being misunderstood  etc

Why now?

Only 4 weeks before my Greek sailing holiday!   I’ve made the lists  & purchased the essentials.   From here-on in its all about getting over-excited.

excitedness level raised to: Red
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