holiday spirit #5: insurance

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in less than one hour of excited pre-holiday preparation  I called the:

  • credit card company to check on how to deal with a lost or stolen card while out of England and gave them the dates and location of my travel to make sure they didn’t cancel my card when used in GREECE.
  • medical insurance company to verify my coverage and what I should do when I fall over  in GREECE.
  • home insurance company to order a copy of my policy and check on what’s covered if taken out of the country (to GREECE) and find out if I need to replace my locks*.
  • Water authority** to check some billing details.
  • mumzie to let her know that I’m ok,   haven’t fallen over today,   yet and I will be safe when abroad.

* Apparantly,  my contents are insufficiently valuable for them to require that I upgrade the Wendy House stable-door bolts.

** This has nothing to do with my HOLIDAY,   but I was on a roll with the phone-calling and wanted to keep the momentum going.

holiday spirit #5: insurance
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2 bits of lovely banter on “holiday spirit #5: insurance”

  1. Stephen king writes:

    The joys of plannimng holidays are spreading to the west of reading. yesterday I booked my Hotel in Irland. A 4* golf complex neer Cork.
    No I do not play golf.
    No I do not want to play Golf.
    Correct I do not see the point of hitting a small
    ball around 4 miles of undulating man made / designed fealds.

    The reson for the booking was good procurment prtatice. Cheeper to book the accommadation and hire a car than stay in the City.

    Holidays Yep-pee.



  2. lacroix writes:

    GREECE! It has to be written like that, really. GREECE! Oh, to have such a lovely holiday
    in such a lovely place. Big sighs from the somewhat less sunny PNW.

    By the way, my anti-spam word was: poop. This gave me the giggles. Excellent!



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