spectacle between the jumpers

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While packing a day-bag to attend a local water-festival I noticed that my Oakley prescription sunglasses  were not,   as expected, nestled amongst my collection of spectacles dating back to 1979,    in my spectacle drawer.  

There was a  minor panic outbreak   because I will need these glasses for my rapidly impending Greek Sailing Holiday.    I quickly searched all sensible places where I may have put a pair of sunglasses.   They weren’t anywhere sensible.   The following morning I double-checked all the sensible places,   the following morning I looked in a few down-right silly places to put sun glasses (e.g. spare tea caddy).

3 days later,   my morning random search for the oakleys included  my winter-jumper draw.  There they were,   between two wool jumpers…..    

The passport under the sink and the sunglasses between the woolly-jumpers are two of the Wendy House mysteries that may never be explained…

spectacle between the jumpers
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  1. Stephen king writes:

    marelda marcos you are not but aka ‘Elton john’
    Spectacle collector I would necer have guest.
    I have two pairs of glasses. one on the end of my nose
    and the other pair collecting dust in the case.

    Saving spectacles from 1979 beg’s the question.
    Sentimental value or a long term investment? Will the Wendy house pass them on to a valued friend who will turn up on the ‘Antiques Road Show’ in 2108 and speak lovingly about their friend from longago and her collection all-things optical?

    To spectical warers everywhere.



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