power bars

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Not a euphemism for light sabres.  

Also known in the US as ‘Energy bars’.    Not a way of describing the throughput of electricity to an electronic device.  

High sugar-content (energy) biscuits in a bar shape marketed in the US as a lifestyle accessory for highly active  people (Walkers, cyclists, etc).    Similar products in the UK  appear to be marketed as breakfast bars and stocked next to the breakfast cereals in supermarkets.   I suspect they are breakfast replacements for fast-moving executives, children and aspiring anorexics.  

I’m trying a few as possible lifestyle accessories for my GREEK SAILING HOLIDAY.   Huuuuurrrraaaahhhhh!

A  local Holland and Barratt shop lured me in with this ‘Love bar’.   I subsequently discovered that the advertising is naughty  because Gillian McKieth cannot legally call herself a Doctor in the UK.    Her Dr. qualification is reportedly from a correspondence course with a non-acredited US University.   The Guardian reported on her naughty non-truths and misleading product information back in 2007.   In 2008  she’s still using the title Dr. on product packaging and making questionable claims about  their ‘health’ impact…    

power bars
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2 bits of lovely banter on “power bars”

  1. Laura writes:

    After extensive testing of many cereal bars, my favourites are the strawberry flavour “Frutasia” (not Frusili, which is different), and the Seeds of Change chocolate chip ones. They are quite startlingly sugary, but yummy. There are also bars of real dried fruit called Frutina (how many variations of fitting fruit into a product name can there be?) which are quite good.



  2. Amy kimber writes:

    Have you been into County Deli in St Mary’s Butts down the Zero Degrees end? They have – amoung lots of yummy things – Honey and Oat bars that are hard to chew but very tasty!



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