smells like tobacco

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When the smell of car,  smell of book,   or smell of plastic  just isn’t enough to please the peoplewho come  within sniffing distance  of  your life.    

When you long for the-day-after-a-night-in-the-pub smokey scent in your hair,  

Try the new tobacco scented shower gel

you know it makes scents.

smells like tobacco
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4 bits of lovely banter on “smells like tobacco”

  1. Ix writes:

    On my last trip to Redmond I had a rental car that smelled like this. I thought it was cheap and gross… now I know it was chic and stylish!



  2. thecultfigurine writes:

    I’m amazed at how swift and viceral my reaction to this product was. Before the local smoking ban in clubs, going out to see a band also meant taking a shower at 2AM to cleanse myself of smoke-stink. The concept of this shampoo is actively revolting for me. Fascinating.



  3. zac writes:

    Why stop there? I feel a whole range of products coming on:

    Yesterday’s Beer toothpaste
    Urine Cocktail shoe treatment
    Stale Sweat fabric conditioner
    Assorted Bruises & Cuts skin cream
    Crusty Sick Fabreze
    (Non-UK – Fabreze is an odour spray for carpets and upholstery, but you might already know that.)



  4. :: Wendy :: writes:

    Cat-fur confetti for the cat-lovers weddings
    Fart-air-conditioner, make everyroom smell as sweet as your ‘bathroom’



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