actual and apparant inconsistencies

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Imperfection alert

Sometimes I say, do, or type  things that are miss-spelled,  poorly punctuated,  mr-typed, or otherwise perceived as jarringly inconsistent with being a self-professed fake-woman.   This effectively makes me  a fake-fake woman, a double-fake woman,    it’s not like a double entendre,   double identity or double indeminty.   It can be perceived as duplicitous.  

My duplicitous  behavior is normally revealed  with an exclamation of ‘but I thought YOU were a feminist!   followed by citing my behaviour that fails to conform to the exclaimers perception of what a feminist should be or do.  

Common sources of this apparant inconsistency are my

  • lack of awareness of that behaivour’s genderised nature.
  • lazy, lack of,  self-censoring  of the bad  genderised habits I picked-up through a miss, or mr, spent youth.
  • use of irony, sarcasm  or subversion has not been recognised by the exclaimer.
  • temporary excursion.   Excursion from being harrassed for failing to strive for conformity to the current definitions of feminine ideals,   to being praised and harassed for aligning with them.   For example,   I’ll have a manicure, wear shoes with heals, wear  a pretty dress, possibly use some make-up.

This photograph of illustrates the beforemath of one such break.   When being a real girl I will wear pink, a dress, flowers and use a matching handbag. The hat is an optional extra that did recieve spontaneous appreciation on each outing.

For me,   aspiring to live  in alignment with  a non-dominant ideology is a daily challenge that also requires liberal doses of irony, sarcasm, subversion, a double portion of humour and some accessories.   Hats, tea and a hammer action masonary drill are excellent accessories.

Imperfection alert over

actual and apparant inconsistencies
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  1. lacroix writes:

    A boy recently told me, “you can drink me under the table, take my computer apart, are frighteningly good with a gun and in a dress and heels you are damn hot.” I thought it was a wonderful compliment. I’d rather be complicated and imperfect than be pigeon-holed. Bravo on your efforts to keep everyone guessing! 🙂



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