branding #4: materials, colours & fonts

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Jacksons pay attention to branding detail.  

The store is branded with a dark green background to its main name sign above the mannequinned window displays and  below the large lettering that eponymously announces ‘Jacksons corner’  .    The text on its custom plastic bags and the piece de resistance is the wonderful font used to announce Jacksons on the green marble entrance way.  

I swooned.  

 I am easily pleased

branding #4: materials, colours & fonts
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one wonderful muse on “branding #4: materials, colours & fonts”

  1. Stephen king writes:

    Thursday morning on a number 15 bus heading for town, a silver haired man
    boarded. His suit pristine, creases razor sharp, straight from waist to base. The turn-up reflected in his shiny black shoes
    What made him stand out so much was his attention to detail,the Red silk tie with a Windsore knot.
    He was a ‘Jacksons’ man.
    The giveaway, his immacualy shaped woven eco-frendly shoping bag proudly displaying ‘Jackson’s’.

    Me, Black fading jeans, short sleved shirt, no tie and a well used rucksack.

    Some of us have it. Some of us dont! 🙂



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