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wandering through an empty mall, alone,    wearing fitted  jeans and t-shirt, I stopped at the information centre for some vital information:

Wendy:   Excuse me,   can you tell me where the restrooms are?   (Soprano voice)

I still haven’t sufficiently re-adjusted to England to actually  say the word ‘toilet’ out loud in a public place without sniggering.

Mall Information lady (MIL):   Toilets?

Wendy:   Yes (smiles, manages not to giggle)

MIL:   Womens? (no hint of a smile,   a stern facial expression)

Wendy:                                       …..Yes?…     (stops smiling and listens to the directions from the seemingly grumpy looking MIL)

The Ladies toilets were next to the mens toilets.    The directions to find either of them were the same.   Why do you think the MIL wanted  to establish with me  whether I was asking for womens or mens toilets?  

My outline form when dressed in saif Jeans and a t-shirt (flickr photoshare)

My outline form in said Jeans and a t-shirt (flickr photoshare)

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  1. JamesNT writes:

    I can assure you that MIL’s here in the states are just as bad. It’s like someone found the world’s most demoralized human, stuffed them in a uniform, and said, “sit here and answer questions.”

    Very nice outline form. I can only imagine the workout you go through to maintain it all.




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