I want Vista

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Reasons to retire Darling,   part 4

1. Increasing requirements to contact computer support services

2. I am developing  obstreperous-w intolerance.

3. 8loody hail, breeding task manager

4. I WANT Vista

I’ve used a Vista machine and I love all the search-stuff (start menu, control-panel),     I no longer have to remember where I put things.

Its got a thing called ‘snippit’ which takes pictures of what’s on your screen in a much easier way that control-print-screen,   open-paint,   then paste.  

It’s pretty! The computer I used running Vista is a rather ugly thing,   unlike Darling.   I want to marry the two,   prettiness of Darlings body-work  with  the  human-memory-complimenting  functionality of Vista.

I want Vista
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one wonderful muse on “I want Vista”

  1. JamesNT writes:

    Welcome, my beautiful, to the new world. I have been using Vista since Beta 2 and have enjoyed it. Despite what “the haters” say, Vista is a great operating system. The major OEM’s (i.e. Dell, HP, etc) are finally shipping Vista on decent hardware that is affordable and the other third party guys have finally gotten off their asses (arses?) and made decent hardware drivers for their printers and other stuff.

    I hope your computing and blogging life continue to improve.




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