mule haul


man on mule  Mules are a current and useful form of transport in the Greek Islands.   The mules are small enough to navigate the windy alleyways of the old towns,   they are sufficiently sturdy to carry tourists and tourist bags up hill-sides,   stairs, down alleyways.  

This enterprising young fellow carried tourists and their bags to a venetian styled hotel near the entrance to Pyrgos Castle.   Inbetween ferrying tourists he sold pedestrians the opportunity to have their photograph taken with him and his mules.   Labrador took this opportunity which came with lots of kisses,   and from the young fellow.

Other fellows used the mules generally as personal transport,   we often passed them on main roads and back streets. Man and mules

mule haul
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  1. Scarlet writes:

    This is the best travel guide blog I’ve found on the internet to date . . . My name is Scarlet by the way . . . the closest I’ve been to Greece this year is watching Mamma-Mia! at the Odeon and humming Abba tunes . . . I should get out more. I will be back to visit you to learn about other cultures . . . Sx



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