the departed

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mausoleums and gravesGreek graveyards were wonderful.   White marble graves are adorned with photographs of the deceased,   lit oil lamps, occassionally lit  incense burners and well maintained live potted plants.   The graves are tended regularly and often have a little cupboard built into the headstone where the carers store basic maintainance equipment.   Some graves contained glass sliding doors behind which the photographs sat and occassionally a couple of glasses implying that the living came here to take a drink with the departed.

The Geeeks recognise their  elderly and departed in a more noticable way than I am used to in either the UK or US cultures I’ve lived within.

Graves through a mausoleum windowThis Imerovigli graveyard contains rows of mausoleum type rooms.   Each mausoleum contained labelled wooden boxes with many different photographs,   places for the living to visit the dead in peace.

I wonder whether the departed are carried to their resting place by mule

the departed
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