phone damage mitigation

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Orange phone store customersThe day after laundering my phone I trundled along to the Orange store where I loitered with the other customers who stood and waited. I listened to a lady being  attended  get gradually more agitated with the assistant as she learned that the assistant could not retrieve her phone contacts

but those are my business contacts’

The assistant frowned,    her companion  said they could try and use the home computer to try and retrieve the contacts from the SIM.   She appeared inconsolable,   her voice gradually raising as she made it clear that she had no back-up of these vital contact numbers,  no way of even telling people that she had lost their numbers.   Tension, amongst those who only stood and waited, grew.      

As time passed the bald fellow in black  gradually became more agitated, shifting his weight, checking his watch, glaring at the busy assistants. After about 10 minutes a new  assistant joined the beleaguered pair on the floor.   She looked at me stood by the desk and I pointed her to the bald man in black.   An inaudible conversation between them, lasted less than a minute before I heard him loudly announce

“you clearly aren’t interested in what I have to say so I’m going elsewhere”  

He marched out of the store, the assistant stood watching him for a moment then came over  to me.  She was clearly upset…

Assitant:that was so embarrassing, he said I was spaced-out, that I wasn’t listening to him,   that I wasn’t even trying to help, he was so rude.

Wendy: he’d been waiting a very long time.   We all have.

Assistant: but that doesn’t give him the right to be rude to me.

Wendy: no. it doesn’t.

Assistant:   (continues to enumerate all the ways that the bald man had treated her inappropriately while she tests my SIM in another phone and finds me a cheap replacement and back-up phone)

I left happy,   SIM intact,    cheap-new phone,   my phone numbers previously backed-up on Darling and my work-supplied computer.   There are times when tendancies towards geekyness make my life so much easier than those people who have not ventured into the pain that can be involved insynchronising their phone contents  with their computers

phone damage mitigation
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2 bits of lovely banter on “phone damage mitigation”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    I cheat . . . I still write everyone down in a little black book.



  2. poochner writes:

    I used to keep mine in one of those little memo pads with the wire at the top, the kind that fit in a pocket. The only downside was the resulting chronological ordering of the contact list. OTOH, it helped me a lot in remembering when things happened; normally time and I have a long-distance type of relationship.



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