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Bristol Jazz FestivalAccording to the Gaurdian summer music festivals are popular events but there are too many festivals chasing too few ‘star’ acts.   The Observer lists ‘Boutique festivals’ as small-is-beautiful with reportedly shorter queues, higher quality food,   and more child-friendly facilities than large  such as Reading, Glastonbury and t in the park.

On the August Bank Holiday weekend over 80,000 people visited the town of Reading town for the festival.   I snuck out on the train heading west  for the smaller  Bristol Jazz festival.   Wandering towards the train station I passed many Reading  festival attendees in the de rigeur style that involved:

  • denim shorts.
  • personaised wellies.
  • a British variation  on  the grunge theme.
  • NO  suntan
  • sunglasses cunningly repurposed as hair-bands.
  • bum bags (US = fanny-packs)

Reading Music Festival Attendees

which festival?
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3 bits of lovely banter on “which festival?”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    Kate Moss has a lot to answer for . . .



  2. Stephen king writes:

    Most years I go to the Fairport Cropherdy Folk Festival. it’s a great experaince and a wonderfull opportunity to chill – or as I put it to a steward last year.
    I’m as happy a s a pig in S**t’. No Phone, e mails only music, like minded people
    and 6x.



  3. Name required writes:

    Is that the Fairport Convention related festival, SK?



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