fabulous wedding features

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Just a few of the too numerous to enumerate highlights:

  • Gift registry:   www.epilepsy.org.uk  & www.simoncommunity.org.uk
  • The bride wasn’t ‘given away’ like chattles,   bride and groom walked down the isle together.
  • Isle-walk accompanying  music:   You only live twice
  • Readings including multiple references to Pooh in A.A.Milne’s  ‘us two’   (read by AfH)
  • Outstanding vows because they acknowledged each others strenghts and weaknesses and showed love, respect, knowledge of what it takes to make a relationship work and be  fun too.   I particularly liked this one:

I promise to allow myself to be silly around you and to enjoy you being silly around me as well.

  • 7 Henchman subtly and actively coordinating the smooth running of the  event: Oddjob, Mr. Wint, Mr. Kidd, Nick Nack, May Day, Xenia Onatopp, Jaws
  • Red wedding dress
  • No ‘maids’
  • A photobased childrens TV themed Quiz organized by table at the wedding breakfast.
  • Bride’s speech toplining the other speeches.
  • Creatively quirky photographer:   http://www.vikmartin.co.uk/
  • Local bands at the reception were friends of the Bride and Groom,   some included the Bride or Groom and all played at least one cover version of Bond theme tune,   compared by AFH.
  • My yellow-red shot silk  hat,    however, the relative lack of hats on other guests  was actually a tad disturbing.

BagpussTables were decorated in childrens TV themes,  with models and soft toys, and each guest  as a character,   I was Soo.   As you can see, even  Bagpuss joined the fun.

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fabulous wedding features
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  1. Abi writes:

    It was such a fun day, so glad you could come and that you enjoyed it as much as we did! I’m really looking forward to the post wedding hen night, can’t wait!



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