The three R’s

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referenced by RaymondOnce upon a time,  
in July 2007,

when Raymond referenced the Wendy House I would receive around 1,000 visits in one day!   GADZOOKS!  

For the sake of introducing a new acronym, rather than an argument,  we will call this the Raymond Referenced Readers effect,   or the three R’s effect  henceforth to be written 3Rs pronounced ‘3 arse’ followed by an gender-irrelevant obligatory giggle.

Yesterday, Raymond referenced the Wendy House again.  

Raymond’s readers were so keen to click on his links that this year the Wendy House recieved nigh on 3,000 visits in the first day.   ECKY THUMP!   That’s a big 3Rs (giggle).

A couple of Raymonds fabled nitpickers have already helped improve my blog-post content accuracy with spelling details and everything,   what helpful people they are.

Hello Raymond’s readers,   I’ve added a ‘Raymond’ tag so that you can easily find cross,   rather than angry, references.   Am I just too nice to you or what?

The three R’s
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4 bits of lovely banter on “The three R’s”

  1. Dan writes:

    Hi Wendy

    I was a Wendy Virgin (henceforth WV) that helped spike your visit count yesterday (and today). I’ve also added you to my ‘sites to check after arriving at work’ list so please don’t pick now to stop blogging. I’m a former Pom, now living in Australia, and when asked I generally say that there’s little I miss about the old country but I lurve to read english people writing because it’s beautifully idiosyncratic (3 arse, Ecky Thump, Gadzooks) and just begs to be read in a English accent.

    Thank-you for being there!



  2. JamesNT writes:

    Although I’m am American, I do love the English take on things. And yes, your flare for wording is indeed entertaining.

    I hope your servers have held their composure against the onslaught of new visitors.




  3. Name required writes:

    > Am I just too nice to you or what?

    Not really. There doesn’t seem to be a nit-pickers’ corner, with comfy leather armchairs, low lighting, and pipe smoking. Really, I’m most disappointed.



  4. Anon writes:

    Thank you for the extra tag!

    – A slashdotter.



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