tubes and spots

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The staff at Jacksons are solution builders.   When something doesn’t work they fix it,   no unnecessary fuss.  

For example,    this light switch set in the Ladies underwear changing rooms controls 8 different lights in the main store.   The lights cannot be seen from the switch location.   Which lights are controlled by which switches?   You would need 2 people to find-out by a try it and see method.   Would you be able to remember from one day to the next which switch controls which lights?

The staff at Jacksons don’t have to learn or remember which light is controlled by which switch because they’ve cunningly labelled the switches!   Now, which lights are ‘spot 3.4’?

tubes and spots
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2 bits of lovely banter on “tubes and spots”

  1. Dr Tim writes:

    Crikey! That is known as art down in Bristol! (and worth cash too!)



  2. :: Wendy :: writes:

    Dr. Tim, you are SO RIGHT! Reading is full of artistically talented people cunningly disguised as ‘locals’. Locally they practice their arts unspoilt by consumerisim and under the utterly ingenious cover of Reading as a maligned shopping centre.

    I would never have guessed this secret life without pointers from local, talented, people who know the avante gaurde ways of Reading.



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