lists of fairtrade outlets in Reading

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I do enjoy a good list,   closely followed by that wonderful feeling of achievement that follows ticking things off lists, or striking them out as ‘done’.   I’ve found a list provided by the BBC,   a fabulolus service,   that lists shops and eateries in Reading that  sell fairtrade goods.   How fabulous is that?!

I will tick-tell-myself off if I use any other Reading shops and cafes. Naughty girl.  

Hip Hip Hoorahs all round

lists of fairtrade outlets in Reading
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4 bits of lovely banter on “lists of fairtrade outlets in Reading”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    I’m listing today . . . knew I shouldn’t have had that last Moscow Mule . . .



  2. stephen king writes:

    Another list, tell me do you have a list of real ale outletts with good food?
    like the ‘Fishermans Cottage’ – Free range eggs, sasuages & chips.

    Even better pubs with free range food.

    In fact I’m going to lunch at the cottage today – helps with the revision.



  3. Crabtree writes:


    Of passage guided by the fate ( Finally almost !)
    I cannot comment On stores across the Channel ,but it is an interesting initiative !

    fairly ,my friendships



  4. :: Wendy :: writes:

    Scarlet, more ballast for the mule could help with listing

    Stephen, good to see the naughtical theme continued with the aid of a fisherman

    Crabtree, cunning inclusion of the (English?) channel on the naughtical theme



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