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chap:   I have to smoke in bed,   I wake up at 3am every morning regulalr as clockwork just to have a fag

wendy: oh  (signifying:   failure to segue effectively into another topic)

chap:   I  can’t give up,   I have a fowl temper if I do (his hand  is shaking as he scrunches his face while taking a long deep draw from his hand-rolled,  warped, filterless cigarette)

wendy: oh (recalls him  slamming  doors, stamping his feet and throwing things  all with  a fag  balanced in  his mouth)   I’ve locked myself out,   got to go and pick-up my spare key.

chap:   do you want a lift?

wendy: no, I’m alright (signifying: no way am I getting in a car with a chap demonstrating signs of emotional instability)

chap: where are you going?

wendy: not far, bye   (signifying: no way am I  letting this chap know  where I store my spare house key)

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3 bits of lovely banter on “oOoOh”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    …and who wants to wake up at 3am every morning with a puffing chicken… I wouldn’t give him my keys either…



  2. stephen king writes:

    At 3am I can think of better things to do than polute my lungs. – Drink a cup of tea for example.



  3. Kevin writes:

    You *have* told him that you really live in Birmingham, haven’t you? Can’t be too safe!



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