hold on…

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I had the pleasure of paying BT to listen to the Indesit  messages below  for  a full 20 minutes before dropping the receiver with a thunk that ended the call.   A thunk not dissimilar to that made by my washing machine before  it too resorted to silence….

…We are encountering an unusually high level of calls to our company, but are working to connect you shortly…

…thankyou for calling,   you call has been placed on hold and you will be attended to as soon as an operator becomes free…

…your call is important to us and we are attempting to connect you to the person or department you require…

…thankyou for your patience, we will connect you shortly…

…Our operators are aware that you are holding and wiull connect you as soon as possible…

…we apologise for the delay…

An email to Indesit support describing my problem resulted in them giving me this link to a list of their error codes.   Hmmmm….

For the luxury of John Lewis’s service I’m tempted to buy a new machine…

hold on…
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3 bits of lovely banter on “hold on…”

  1. stephen king writes:

    As a valued customer your business is important to us.
    Thats why you are lissening to a pre programmed computer and not speeking to a human.

    Customer service is 5 star in the 21st century.

    As a valued customer your business is important to us.



  2. Paul writes:

    Any business that requires you to listen to a machine for more than ninety seconds and tells you that your call is very important to them, rather than providing you with a live human being to talk to, is by definition, lying.



  3. Kevin writes:

    I went through the list twice and couldn’t find:
    “You have bought a crap machine and it is now fucked”



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