at Colleys supper rooms

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The service,   food and experience as provided by the supper rooms was outstanding,   the customers sat near to me were not typical of the softly spoken guests at other nearby tables and I have to say they were perhaps a little below par for such a well tailored experience.

A selection of quotes from  the most verbose  fellow at the next table,   overheard inbetween the sombre aubergine ceiling,  loud floral-print wallpaper, dizzying geometric pink diamond-design carpet,   and flamboyant floral chandeliers  In Colleys supper rooms.  

the journey was crap… …Lynne can’t come because she  has a hangover…

Tottenham have a brilliant mid-fielder from Barcelona…

tuck your nape in…

we don’t know what they are  (to the waiter about the starter list)

You’ll be alright if you keep your mouth shut,   Lynne doesn’t think I’ll be able to keep my mouth shut…

I’d never go to Moscow again,   its crazy,   its not like Spain or Greece,   its crazy,   all the words are like squares the only things I understood was Macdonalds and even that was squares. (about a trip to watch a football match)

Maitre d' awaits Sunday Dinner guests

at Colleys supper rooms
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3 bits of lovely banter on “at Colleys supper rooms”

  1. mrs pouncer writes:

    I don’t like the sound of them, Wendums, not at all. Not your type by a long chalk. You should’ve asked for a table closer to the orchestra.



  2. Kevin writes:

    A table *in* the orchestra would be better.

    My anti-spam word is “barf” which fits the next post better. It worries me that it took three goes to get the spelling right.



  3. :: Wendy :: writes:

    Ah yes, I should definitely have gravitated towards the pianist at a minimum, sound advice, I’ll be trying to follow it in as many situations as possible



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