cold… …water

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The combination boiler rattles in the kitchen,   warming water and pumping it around the Wendy House 5  radiators.  

Outside,   water on the patio has already  frozen.   Temperatures of minus 3 centigrade are predicted tonight.

Combination boiler
Inside, the radiator-free  kitchen releases a trickle of water from beneath the kitchen units.    A leaking pipe?   A phone call to Kevin.  

I discover that the mobile phone service doesn’t work when my head and mobile phone are both in the cupboard under the chilly  kitchen sink while I  try to answer Kevin’s questions,   to determine how many millimetres thick are the pipes that lead to and from my suspiciously rusty stop-tap.    

Will the pipes survive the predicted below freezing temperatures of the night?   Stay tuned for the leaky-pipe fly-on-the-wall,  phone-under-the-sink, real life potential plumbing drama.

cold… …water
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  1. Scarlet writes:

    Oh. Good luck. And keep warm.



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