going to bus full

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sat at the back of a bus heading to bus full,   approaching the Wendy House.   A man in front (MIF)  rises, stands looking at the packed standing passengers in the isle.

Wendy: are you getting off at the next stop?

MIF: I don’t think we’ll make it (looks at crowded passengers in the Isle)

Wendy:   If we start now we could get half way to the door,   I’ll follow you

MIF: (steps into crowded Isle and stands still)

Wendy: (offers my seat to a person standing and asks to swap places with a person ahead in the isle)

We start to make our way down the bus,   politely asking each individual to swap places with us…  …slowly we make progress.   We manage to get off near the Wendy House.  

Once again,   bus full is a destination  that has evaded discovery.

going to bus full
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2 bits of lovely banter on “going to bus full”

  1. stephen king writes:

    Bus full to the brim – It must be close to Christmas! 🙂



  2. Scarlet writes:

    It’s a secret magical place Wendy… next door to carpark full…



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