cute accent #8: dulcet tones

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Since repatriating to the UK I have not been the lucky recipient of any spontaneous exclamations of ‘cute accent’.   It has been pointed out that I sound foriegn.    I attribute this ‘foriegn accent’ accusation to remnants of my regional, Bristol, burr.     It is possible that the following  comment counts as an English equivalent of saying ‘cute accent’,   it is also possibly something different:

English person in open-plan office (EPIOO):   I heard your dulcet tones nearby and thought I’d take the opportunity to talk to you

Wendy:   Oh (signifying a double message of I wonder if that means cute accent? and what does the EPIOO want?)

cute accent #8: dulcet tones
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one wonderful muse on “cute accent #8: dulcet tones”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    Was it a man enquiring? If so, he meant cute accent. If a woman.. then that means something else..



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