risking happiness

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lots of pink rosesI love you

I love you too

Are you happy?


What do you need to make you happy?

Not much, just to talk to you most days to hear the stories of your life, the laughter the pain, the stuff you normally share with friends. An occasional bunch of flowers, notes that tell me you love me, they can be insulting, I’ll know from the note and thought that you love me, I just need to know it through a thought or story

I can’t live my days remembering to find time to call you, to leave you a note, to be worrying about what I should do rather than living my life now, I can’t be worrying if I’ve checked-in with you enough to keep you happy, I’ll worry about whether you’re happy. It will make me unhappy

Oh, we’ll both be unhappy

I love you

I love you too

We can’t be happy together

It seems we can’t be happy

If we break-up we’ll be unhappy, but we’ll have the opportunity to be happy with someone else.

Yes, but I love you and want to be happy with you

It wont happen


lets part and risk happiness

[the silence of tears]

risking happiness
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