Mach 4

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When returning an assessed  cousework essay on UK history in the 19th century to a 17yr old me¦


Tory School teacher (TST):   you are very Machiavellian

Wendy:   is that a good or a bad thing?

TST: let me know when you find out


Within a couple of hours I’d  read a copy of The Prince .   It was fascinating, written beautifully, based on multiple case study research to provide a  pragmatic set of behavioural recommendations for a leader (Prince) occupying a recently acquired territory to maintain effective control.   In the 1960’s psychology used the term Machiavellianism to label a personality Disorder with the core theme of  deceiving others for personal gain.      I wish I’d kept the essay that prompted the TST’s comment.        


You  can self-assess yourself for 1960’s style psychology Machiavellianism here.

Today I scored as a ˜Low Mach’.   The results say that I reject Machiavelli’s opinions.   Indeed, I am not and have never aspired to be a prince, princess or banker.    Alternatively, I could have lied here and on the questionnaire¦.

Low Mach

I vote that we rename Machiavellianism with the more topical outbreak of:


Chief Executive Bankerism

Mach 4
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