what does a full apology mean?

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According to  the Gaurdian:


Former HBOS chief executive Andy Hornby, who is receiving £60,000 a month as a consultant to the Lloyds Banking Group, issued a “full apology”.

Merium Webster suggests there are three distinct meanings of apologies  without citing whether they are empty,   half-empty, half-full or full:


  1. a formal justification
    1. defense
    2. excuse
  2. an admission of error or discourtesy accompanied by an expression of regret
  3. a poor substitute : makeshift  


I wonder how the RBS, Lloyds group and HBOS  banking executives meant their apologies  to the tax paying people while they arranged


  • executive bonuses on top of annual salaries ( £4 million)  that are so far beyond my comprehension  even stilton can’t produce them.
  • employee  job cuts.  



The  same tax paying  people are

  • suffering job losses due to the  irresponsibility of banking processes.
  • paying outlandish banking executive salaries and bonuses.    



Maybe a full apology is a composite of all 3 meanings,   including defense, excuse, admission of error and a poor substitute for genuine humility.

what does a full apology mean?
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  1. :: Wendy :: writes:

    Aparantly it means a RBS CEO taking a £650,000 pound for pension per annum starting now (age 50) and gaurranteed for the rest of his life while making 5% of the RBS employees redundant.



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