a bit sensitive

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Hairdresser Business Owner (HBO): you’ve been in before haven’t you?

Wendy: yes,  only once  several months ago,   its grown a lot and kept a very good shape, it was a good cut

HBO: yes,   I remember. Lucia, the Phillipino lady, cut your hair really short.   She’s in the Phillipines as the moment,   she owns a bed and breakfast there and its their peak season,   its alright for some!

HBO: your scalp is a bit sensitive,   do you have a stressful job?

Wendy: (giggles) Sort of because…(unpublishable)

While the assistant washes my way-past-its-cut-by-date mop the HBO checks her records.  

HBO: you came in here  last September, no wonder its grown so much

Wendy: I’m impressed that you recognised me

We talked about her business,   she hasn’t been hit by the credit crisis because ‘everyone needs a haircut’   and her business has been established for over 9 years.   We both agreed that we liked Reading a lot because of the nice people we’ve met here.   She was born in Reading,   studied in London with Vidal Sassoon,   travelled the world then came back to Reading to set-up her business.  

It’s the best haircut I’ve had in over a decade.  

I’m a very happy bunny

a bit sensitive
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3 bits of lovely banter on “a bit sensitive”

  1. Kevin writes:

    good patter always makes the difference



  2. Madame Defarge writes:

    I haven’t been near a hairdresser for almost 10 years, relying on my husband’s keen eye to cut a straight line round the pudding bowl. His patter isn’t as good, as he always knows where we’re going on holiday, but at least I get a cut of the tip.



  3. scarlet writes:

    I wish I’d trained as a hairdresser… I really do.



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