discernable compassion

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Occassionally I enjoy a wee excursion to a local high street bank.   Today was one of those special days

Wendy: are you concerned about your job security? the news says there will be redundancies in your bank…

Finacial Specialist (FiSp):   NO!   I’m not worried,   we haven’t done anythong wrong, customer facing staff like me are doing a good job its the managers, people earning over 60K that are going to be made redundant, at least that’s what they’re telling us.

She continued with this perky attitude that   lacked discernable compassion while telling her stories of the credit crunch

FiSp:   I had one 82 year old in tears here yesterday,   her pension has been ruined by the fall in interest rates.

Her advice to me was:

FiSp:   In October we had 6 investment products,   in December we had 4, now we only have 2,   if you don’t invest now there may not be any products left.

discernable compassion
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3 bits of lovely banter on “discernable compassion”

  1. Raymond writes:

    That’s an odd last sentence from the FiSp. “Invest now while it’s still possible to lose money!” At the rate they’re going, their last two investment products will go belly-up in another three months.



  2. Madame Defarge writes:

    Ah, its that firm grasp of financial acumen that has ot us to where we are today. Invest because if you don’t it will disappear. I like the analysis of financial markets. The Paul Daniels school of investment appraisal.



  3. Mark writes:

    Wow, the FiSp sounds like one of those people on late-night infomercials: “Hurry! Supplies are limited! Only the first xxx callers get this amazing deal!” 🙂
    I also doubt that banks will stop offering investment products – they need to encourage you to lend them money, or are they thinking they will get it all from the government?



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