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I remember the early 1980’s

  • the recession.
  • living off root vegetables, tea, and hope that unemployment would reduce.  
  • Being mistaken for a ho when walking home alone…. …any time of day.
  • Mortgages requiring a 10% minimum deposit and being a maximum of 3x your annual income in a job you’d demonstrated committment for  at least a year.

Everthing considered,   I thought The Beat put it quite politely.   An understatement.   I cried everytime Thatcher was re-elected.   It was personal.

The (English) Beat sang ‘Stand down Margaret’

(Warning:   contains Sax)

rate wendys scribble

3 bits of lovely banter on “understatement”

  1. paul g writes:

    Yes, all very well, but you must have been too young to remember the state of the country by the end of the 70’s.



  2. Kevin writes:

    Bad as the late 70s were, for many of us the early 80s were infinitely worse.
    I remember finally getting my first job and then counting all the factories and dockyards along the way to work and how many of them didn’t survive my first six months at work.



  3. Tim writes:

    How blind was society to mistake a teenage girl for a common old garden gardening tool. It makes you cry into your porridge. If you could afford porridge back then, that is. Mind you if memory serves, you didn’t have an opportunity to cry over spilt milk because Thatcher had already snatched the milk. Still in those distant days, looking at the mirror in the bathroom was a good morning experience for me; when I had to use a comb, I had only one chin, and a single bladed plastic BIC razor was sufficient to harvest a bumfluff beard; when we could afford the heating for the hot water, that is. Anyway time t’go down to t’service industry cubicle to earn half a crown equivalent in proper money.



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