client error

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Client Errorwho me?

I’m a client of Google services,

I made an error in my request,   really?   ERROR?!

I do make mistakes.    The word ‘Error’ is not one that I use to describe my mistakes.   This message is agressively accusatory and not particulalrly helpful.   Google could easily adopt a more user centric tone of voice,  less personally offensive,  if gramatically flawed,  by saying something like:

”Ooops,   Google doesn’t understand what you just did.   Can you check  to see if you made a mistake please?

I suppose I should be glad that I didn’t have to abort, kill or delete anything though I have occassionaly been caught aborting a kettle,   deleting cat-poop, and killing my laundry.     Shit like that does happen, and not by mistake.

client error
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3 bits of lovely banter on “client error”

  1. Austin Osman Spare writes:

    You’re so obviously a Microsoft employee … you actually wanted Vista!



  2. Nicky writes:

    Wendy is as much employed by Microsoft as you are Austin Osman Spare



  3. :: Wendy :: writes:

    I can confirm , that I am employed by Microsoft equally as much as I am employed by google, yahoo! Apple, Redhat, and all other computer and software development companies. I am however open to sharing the extensive benefit of my expertise with anyone trying to enhance the experiences of good folk



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