little bag of suprises

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Outrageously expensive legal person wearing a suit with a tight, short, skirt and a long jacket  with shoulder pads of the size normally  worn American football players:

what a lovelly smell of flowers,   have you got some in your back-pack?

As a very professional person meets me in the security area of a flash building she leans forward and looks around me to the left,   then to the right,   then notices my little back-packand says:

it that all that you have?

I suspect that, if I wanted to impress the business world,  I should be using on of those big wheely-half-suitcase size bags to convey professional person with lots of big documents  rather than a back pack that suggests I’ve just escaped from the garden centre….

little bag of suprises
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2 bits of lovely banter on “little bag of suprises”

  1. Kevin writes:

    Don’t do it Wendy!
    There are too many “Avon ladies” traipsing round the business quarters



  2. Madame Defarge writes:

    These bags are good for knocking ankles in random acts of pavement rage. And I’m sure that they just carry sandwiches in them.



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