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An action packed weekend in the Wendy House garden:

  • a fuzzy-buzzy bee feeds on a rotund allium
  • a Peacock butterfly feeds on another allium
  • the garden robin feeds on insects attracted by my recent digging
  • a harlequin spectabilis ladybird takes a break from aphid eating on one of the acers  
  • Matrix snoozes under another acer
  • A large hornet (2 inches) found its way into my bedroom.   I didn’t know it was a hornet.   They look scarey.     I panicked, squeaked, opened the bedroom windows,   wrapped myself in a curtain and wafted the corner of the curtain at the hornet until it  took the hint and  left via the window.  

Real bee feeds on Allium Peacock butterfly feeds on Allium The local Robin harlequin spectabilis ladybird on Acer cat under katsura acer

wild wendy home life
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2 bits of lovely banter on “wild wendy home life”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    Hornets have gone as far north as Reading – blimey.
    Be careful, on a hot summer evening hornets behave like moths and are attracted to light. So if you have your windows open, they’ll come in. They have a very loud distinctive buzz and I’m scared to death of them – so scared that my legs turn to jelly and I vomit!! I’m fine with snakes though.



  2. Kevin writes:

    I’m happy for hornets to stay sound of The Wash. They may not be as bad tempered as German wasps but they more than make up for it by their artillary



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