2am bustle

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A4 going east approaching Cemetery Junction2am
Cemetery junction
Heards of black taxi’s rumbling by
Smaller, colourful, cabs weave between them
Heels clicking, skirts, hair and make-up readjusted
Bright laughter and  flourescent light waft from the rows of fast food shops
sometimes I feel wonderfully invisible in the bustling crowds as I wander the Reading streets at night

2am bustle
rate wendys scribble

2 bits of lovely banter on “2am bustle”

  1. Kevin writes:

    It has all the urgent spectacle of wildebeest crossing the Masai Mara. I envy you.



  2. alan writes:

    After your latest post, you *have* to add a last line:-
    “In my Dickies Red Hawk Action Trousers”



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