catching smiles

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Lunch in pink leapard print dressMy pink leapordprint mini-dress was a tad anachronistic in the quaint leafy streets of Burford. Families of pleasant, conservately dressed people  wandered in an out of stores selling expensive clothes, kitchenware, art and antiques.  

My attraction to antique stores was aligned with the other people,   crowds,   that had accepted the pilgramage to Burford.  

I prayed in the antique fair,   strolled around the churchard then settled in the tea rooms.   On the journey I caught the sunshine and smiles.

catching smiles
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2 bits of lovely banter on “catching smiles”

  1. Tim writes:

    The leopard skin print mini dress looks divine but are sure its not magenta?



  2. :: Wendy :: writes:

    I’ll wear it into the t-mobile store in Reading and get a colour check from the experts.

    I’m planning a dress for Canterbury this weekend and can’t decide between the
    -blue paint splatter efffect chiffon floaty thing
    -green wrinkly-linen hippy-dudette, or
    -orange Marilyn Monroe number on cleavage and calf overdrive

    I’m leaning towards the blend-in calming green linen which tones most effectively with flat Eric.
    Advice appreciated.



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