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169 problems!Windows Vista provides problem reports and solutions. That  is helpful for people who want to try and fix something now, cheaply.   We don’t have to  pay for a service specialist or spend hours fiddling in the depths of the control panel.  This  is quite nice of them.   Or is it?

All Neverland’s 169 reported problems are atribbuted to Windows rather than other applications.   Should I be alarmed by Windows?  Or, iIs this because other programs don’t use the Windows  problem reporting system or is it because Windows has an infinitely  higher problem rate?

On planet wendy there are no problem reportsbecause the program causing the problem would receive the report, fix it then make me a cup of tea and compliment me on my choice of frock.

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3 bits of lovely banter on “problem reports and solutions”

  1. Kevin writes:

    Windows is fundamentally buggy but they want you to believe that they have solutions.
    Back when I rewrote all the help screens on our system I made sure that if anything involved more than one scree full of text it also included the phrase: “having reached this point you deserve to go and get a cup of tea.”



  2. Paul G. writes:

    I have a book that rewards me for reading a rather technical section by telling me I deserve to go and get myself a bowl of ice-cream.



  3. :: Wendy :: writes:

    how wonderful, I’d like to add stroking a friendly kitty to the rewards list



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