laptop dancing

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A phrase uttered by a radio presenter to describe the new use of an ex magic shop, a place for   ‘Laptop Dancing’ .  

Do I hear you ask:

Is this a place where sequin and spandex covered laptop computers  bounce around in close proximity with young upcoming professional people on underfloor-lit dancefloors to a funky disco beat?

Here’s a couple of young professionals practicing their laptop dancing :

One of their commenters sums up this new cultural phenomena  rather well using new-english:

wahey!!! this is gonna be huuuuge in the future!! Just get out ya fackin’ laptop beast out sum choonz, whack it on ya shoulder and jus fackin dance!!! awoooooooooogaaaaaa!!!!!!!”

laptop dancing
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  1. Madame Defarge writes:

    What if I wanted to bring my itouch? Do you think that may be too suggestive?



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