daily flirting

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Hair lying knottily on the pillowYoung Male Colleague (YMC):   morning luv

Wendy: morning luv (reflecting,   while trying not to choke or laugh at what feels like an innappropriately over-affectionate term  to me, but might not be)

WMC: You’ve got bed hair

I move my hand to my hair to ruffle it some more, emphasize the effect.    Before my hand reaches my head:

YMC: No, don’t, it looks good

The UK chaps do like to use conversational styles (flirting?)  that were not normally used,with me,  in the NW US.   A lot of flirting,   its not ‘serious’ though,   it appears to be dished out fairly evenly within a heterosexual framework.

daily flirting
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4 bits of lovely banter on “daily flirting”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    He might have moved on to your ‘come-to-bed’ eyes… that’s what they usually do…



  2. Tim writes:

    ~Get-out-of-bed hair~, ~come-to-bed eyes~, what about the middle age option of ~stay-in-bed bum~.
    As for any hair ruffling, I am afraid my apparent similarity to a coot, means I should be nice to my wife or buy a shaggy dog.



  3. Mickey writes:

    My 4 1/2 year old son Cameron calls bed hair “Crazy hair”. Somehow I think that wouldn’t go over as well if that came from YMC.



  4. goatie writes:

    maybe he just thought you had really bad hair and
    needed cheering up.



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