no intended disrespect

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after putting on the kettle for my morning cup of tea,   much as I always do, I turned the TV on to the BBC Breakfast news,   much as I always  do.   The words below are approximate   just the gist because I don’t remember the details:

  • someone on TV:     This will be moment that you will remember vividly for a long time
  • someone-else on TV   Like the day Lady Diana died

My attention is grabbed,   Indeed Lady Diana’s death was memorable for me:

8am Sunday morning,   tent taken down and packed in the boot of the car,  tired and sad,   I started driving from the Yorkshire Dales to Portsmouth via London  with only a radio for company.   All the BBC radio channels played a short loop of music and provided no other news than a regular announcement of Lady Diana’s death.   After a couple of hours, hoping the loop would stop, I turned the radio off and drove through the mist and rain accompanied only by the noise of my own sad thoughts.     The BBC TV followed a similar format:

With no intended disrespect,   I suspect that I’ll forget all the uniqueness of the moment that I head Michael Jackson had died.

no intended disrespect
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5 bits of lovely banter on “no intended disrespect”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    Yep, I remember the whole week quite vividly… I probably won’t remember this week in quite the same way.



  2. Mr London Street writes:

    I was unmoved by Diana’s death but the image that will always stick with me is that of my stepfather jumping around the lounge exclaiming “yes! yes!”.

    I’m part of an odd family.



  3. JamesNT writes:

    Whether or not (and how much) you’ll remember someone is dependant on how special that person was to you. Michael Jackson’s death, while tragic, will be a passing memory for me as well since I was never really a Michael Jackson fan. I do not own any of his CD’s or DVD’s and it has been months since I’ve heard one of his songs on the radio. I’ll probably watch the documentary on A&E if they make one but that’s pretty much about as far as I’ll go.

    I’m sure you and I both have people, some close to us some not, whose passing will have an inscripting factor upon our memories because that person, be him/her a family member, celebrity, or head of state, was special to us. In some cases the passing of said person will coincide, in some cases it will not.

    I hope this post finds you doing well.




  4. Madame Defarge writes:

    I don’t remember anything particularly about the day Princess Diana died. Not something that meant a great deal to me at the time. I think it was a weekend and as such was probably shopping.



  5. Kevin writes:

    I remember getting very quickly impatient at the circus around Princess Diana’s death.



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