Rock chic

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RocksHoliday warning!   Cornwall here we come!

With my

Rod Stewart haircut,

Oakley sunglasses,

figure hugging fab frocks,

I’ll be wandering over the rocks on the coast.

Rock chic!

There will also be the standard Wendy, none-rock chic, outbreaks of:

  • A bit of paddling
  • collecting pretty coloured, pocket-sized, pebbles
  • eating  fish and chips wrapped in newspaper for supper
  • wearing Sunhats galore (consecutively)
  • reading a book about the Medici
  • blowing rasberries at the seaguls
  • riding the local BUSES on windy cliffside roads

Excitedness levels are already Amber.   OH!

Rock chic
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4 bits of lovely banter on “Rock chic”

  1. Madame Defarge writes:

    I’m excited just reading about it. Have a fab time. eat lots of chips. And don’t forget to eat some ice cream too.



  2. Kevin writes:

    you need to have a straw hat that can be worn at a jaunty angle
    and pretend to fish for crabs with a little green net

    have fun!



  3. Scarlet writes:

    Damn it! That’s where I was!!!



  4. Scarlet writes:

    …and I bought a hat…



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