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Eric lines up the drinksWords of wisdom from  an almost stranger*.  in this case Flat Eric during an annual office party:

“Jagermeister chaser”

I didn’t follow this tip.    I’m just not ‘Kewl’ enough to be able to imbibe strong alcohol frequently over a whole evening,   night, morning… like the other dudes.   I did manage my maximum binge-drink consumption of 3 pints of the  ex-local brew  stones bitter  before taking this photograph, realising my total wobbliness,  and sneaking away to crisp white cotton hotel sheets,   much like those supplied by Jacksons to the Wendy House.   Love those sheets.   Clearly I haven’t got the English office party skill fully cracked.     I did manage not to fall over,   quite an achievement by personal standards.

* Past tips provided by Alan the hairdresser.   Lucia the hairdresser, an anonymous  manicurist, a Jackson’s sales assistant, a bus stop philanthropist, a mini salesman, Windows Network Diagnostics  and Reading Police.
alan’s tip
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2 bits of lovely banter on “alan’s tip”

  1. Mr London St writes:

    You’re the first person I know who actually shops at Jacksons. I love their faintly creepy window displays.



  2. Amykate writes:

    Mr London – you really can’t call yourself a Reading-er until you’ve been into Jacksons, asked for something post 1940 and been glared at by a little old lady sales assistance over the top of her (should-be-but-are-not) horn-rimmed spectacles. It’s just all part of the experience.

    The window displays are creepy though…

    Anyhoo – well done on navigating the office party, those things can be a mind field!



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