a red car in the fountain

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birmingham art museum-ten-to-oneLiving in windy Birmingham I quickly learned that my umbrella management skills were inadequate. The high turn-over of umbrellas was too burdensome for my student income. I started wearing hats, getting wet.

Walking through fountains.

Specifically the fountain infront of Birmingham museum and art gallery.  A summer night in a fountain, a wonderful temporary innoculation againt the pain of a lost heart. A fountain and The Blue Nile’s album  ‘A walk across the rooftops’ took me to the places I needed to be. When they later released ‘Hats’, naturally I was thrilled by their unknowingly knowing  insight.

a red car in the fountain
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  1. alan writes:

    Ah, I remember that album so well. Wierdly, I was at a party of a friend’s (a muso type) recently and was chatting to one of the former members of the band; very nice chap. I was saying that that album is going to be around for ever – really, it doesn’t age too badly. There are some touches which tell that it is ‘of it’s time’ but mainly it stands out from amongst its contemporaries as timeless. It was always such an ‘other’ album. A gem amongst the dross of that time. They all fade and that album gets played still, especially I’d think Easter Parade, and probably will always get played; all you need is for it to be 3am and silent outside and holding a cup of coffee in a bedsit room or even an executive flat (that is, if one still has a soul…



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